Welcome to the ‘Coupon Questions’ site. We hope you find it useful and keeping coming back.

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What is ‘Coupon Questions’ trying to achieve?

Our aims are twofold:-

  1. To answer the most common coupon questions that everyone asks. Most of these will be answered on our ‘general questions’ page. Any groups of questions requiring more in depth answers will have their own page under a specific heading. You will see these listed on the menu to the right.
  2. To point you in the direction of the best deals. Coupon Questions do not provide those deals ourselves.

What do we mean by this second point? Well the last thing we need is another site displaying the latest printable coupons and promo codes. Why not? Simply this – the deals are very rarely ‘latest‘!

There are literally thousands of various deals and offers available right now throughout the country. Can you imagine the work it takes to keep one website up to date with this info? Which is why the vast majority of coupon sites don’t! Notice we used the word ‘majority’. There are some excellent, very professional, up to date sites out there. But they are few and far between. Most of them are months – if not years – behind with their offers. Coupon Questions doesn’t intend to get lumped in with these!

Price Disclaimer
Prices are accurate as of less than 12 hours ago. Product prices and availability are subject to change. Any price and availablility information displayed on Amazon.com at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of any products.

Let’s assume that you plan to shop at ‘Bloggs Store’. You perform an internet search for Bloggs Store coupons. (Our apologies if you really do own a Bloggs Store. This is intended as a made up example only – honestly!). You click on bestcouponsiteintheworldever.com/bloggsstore.

Is any of this familiar?coupon questions

  • You see a whole page with the words at the top ‘Look at all our amazing deals! We have the latest offers just for you! See below to find how much money we can save you today!’ The page is blank.
  • You see a whole page of coupons. Great! You then notice the heading – ‘Expired Coupons’. Did I really need to be told of all the offers I could have got last month???
  • You see lots of coupons. The heading this time is ‘Untested Coupons’ or ‘Unproven Coupons’. So why tell me about them if you don’t even know that they work? When will I find out? When I make my purchase and don’t get the discount?
  • You see many, many coupons. Fantastic! The heading says ‘Current Coupons’! You check the expiry date on the top one. It expired three weeks ago …………..
  • You find the promo code you need! You copy it or write it down. You log into bloggsstore.com to use it. And there is a flashing banner infront of you advertising the very same deal – with code – that it took you 20 minutes to find elsewhere.
  • You find the perfect coupon. You look for the expiry date. No date on there. Are there any rules / restrictions written anywhere else? No. Maybe it’s ok to use then? You look up at the URL. It now says bestcouponsiteintheworldever.com/bloggsstore/2009. Doh!……..
  • You see no coupons at all! You see some nice pictures. Some blurb about the history of Bloggs Stores. Information about what they sell. Some more photos. Opening times. Address and contact information. Another photo! A couple of reviews. And at the bottom of the page a link to another coupon site. Here we go again …………

And these examples don’t even include the times that we have all got to the checkout (both real and virtual) to be told that our coupon hasn’t been valid for months!

We don’t intend to do any of that on Coupon Questions. We will guide you as to the best places to look. We will make no promises that you WILL find a great deal. Only that you stand the best chance by following our advice.